Sliding after "Play Animation"


I am currently working in the Third Person Template.

I am using the ASP_Character/ HeroTPP skeletal mesh used in the animation starter pack.

I want my player to do a shooting animation, so for now, I just have a “Play Animation” node that is playing a rifle hip shooting animation.

Before attempting to shoot, my player runs around normally, I have even set up an Aim space for the character with success, and all is fine and dandy, however…
…when I trigger the “Play Animation” node to do the shooting animation, my player no longer animates to walk, run etc, he just slides around.

I haven’t gotten heavily into animation, but I’m wondering if maybe it has to do with caching the state machine and using “slots”…I honestly don’t know at this stage.

So does anybody know what is happening, or how I could potentially fix this issue.

Thank you in advance,
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I created a thread on the unreal engine forums if you would like to share your answer there too. However if I find success, I will most certainly share it on both here and the forum.

You should play such animations as anim montages

I’ve got animations I have put inside of the animgraph, such as the player covering their head, but it does not replicate to other clients, it only replicates to the server.
I also have a bunch of animMontage’s set up for punching, kicking, grabbing items etc. They are called within the eventgraph in the animation blueprint.

Aaaand, while writing this, I just realized that I need to create an event to tell the server about these changes -_-…
I feel like an idiot. I’ve been doing replication stuff for several days now, you’d think i’d know better.

While it still doesn’t answer my initial question, it does solve part of a problem.
I ended up creating an RPC inside of the character blueprint (“ThirdPersonCharacter” in my case). And replicate the variable for the action.
So that inside of the character’s animation blueprint, he plays the animation on server and clients.

There are still certain actions though that are weapon specific and just seems that simply playing an animation within the character blueprint would be the most sensible way to do it, and the neatest way, but unfortunately it just causes this wierd slidey stuff.