Slider is a new exciting puzzler that will test your problem solving skills to the max. The premise is simple. In each level you have one ball to get to the basket, simple, well maybe not so simple. You will need to move and slide around a number of different blocks, panels and other objects to guide the ball to its final destination. With over 100 levels and 6 worlds to transverse this will not be a short game.

Built for VR I hope to have this game released by August 2016 for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. After the game is released I plan to regularly add more levels, not as part of an in app purchase or add on packs but for free with updates to the game itself. Angry birds did this to perfection years ago by adding on 100’s of levels for free and I plan on following the same model.

Just adding a few screenshots

This is a video of me playing Slider. It is heavily edited as I was after about 7 pints of beer and rambling on a bit lol. I hope to have a demo released within the next month.

Major overhaul of game.