Slider Value

Show us your code/blueprint for this widget in how it gets those numbers. I am sure there are math nodes that can solve the problem.

i want to set the slider current value, but the value just then show when the slider value changed this is my first problem. This is the secundary problem:

In the red zone the value always 15.

This is the third problem:


I don’t want to number after the decimal point.

Any idea?

Here you are:

Is the slider supposed to set the actual mouse sensitivity?

Hmm the math looks fine.

I wonder if it continues to settle into a value after the On Value Changed fires. Try moving that logic to a Bind function on the Text widget’s Text Content to see if it’s any better.

Also the sliders have a few configuration options which tell it the range of values and how small/granular it can divide up the values etc.
Can you post a screenshot of those settings? I wonder if the problem is there.

Finally, to get rid of the decimal parts of the value, you can use a node (I think it’s called Round or Round to Decimal Place or something) to round it down or up on either the actual value or the displayed value.

Alternatively you could use the Ceiling or Floor nodes to round it up or down. Those would be easier since you don’t want any decimal portion at all. The former one I mentioned is for rounding it down to a certain number of decimal places. I think there’s also a Round to Nearest or something like that to make it round like humans do (up if >= .5, down if lower).


Why not just do this:


You can get rid of the decimals if you expand ToText (float) node, there are extra settings hiding there.


Oh that is a useful node I didnt know about