Slider value does not save its position after exiting menu

I have a bunch of sliders for graphics/sound settings. I can click and drag to change the value and it changes accordingly but once I exit the menu and open it back up the sliders just go back to their default values.

I have a variable that should store the value that comes out of the ‘on value changed’ event and that’s binded to the value under appearance in the slider settings. This doesn’t seem to do anything.

The only way I can get the slider to remember the value is to have the variable that stores it on my character blueprint. Does it not remember the value after I remove it from parent? Should I store these values in game state or something so that the sliders remember them?


Can you show you graph for the sliders?

You should store them in game state if you have multi levels, but if this is happening within the same level, then it should not change…

Is this the same issue?

Here is the slider graph:

When I posted this I was only concerned about the slider but when I did the combobox I noticed it didn’t save the last selected value either. I was hoping to save them to a file that way the player could see what they had their settings set to. I think the graphics settings are set somewhere in an ini file and should be the same next the game is loaded but there wasn’t a way for the player to see what they had set them to.

The stuff in the other forum post deals with trying to save the selection of the combobox to file. I haven’t tried doing that with the slider position yet since it doesn’t work for the combobox.

I can get it to work if I bind its value to a variable that isnt stored in that widget. Here is an example of it working by binding it to a variable in the player controller. The same thing works if its in gamestate.

A combobox doesnt have many bind options so I can’t bind the last selected thing like I can with the slider and the “set selected option” on it doesnt seem to do anything. It defaults to low every I open the options menu.