Slider to change volume for entire game?

There was a similar question asked back in 2015 that didn’t seem to have a working answer (or the one given doesn’t work now). So I’m hoping someone might have a more recent update…

I want a slider in the settings menu for my game that changes the volume for everything (music, SFX, everything). I’ve seen examples that change the volume per individual map, but nothing where the player sets the volume at the start and it just remains like that until changed again.

I tried following a tutorial I found at Change Master Volume Audio On Slider - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube but the volume doesn’t change when I move the slider. So I’m wondering if there’s additional setup that I need to do? Or alternatively, if someone knows of a different working method that will do the same thing?

Worked it out. Apparently you have to go into project settings and change the default base sound mix in the audio section.