Slider binding being connected to...anything?

In my pause menu i was going to make a slider that would let you effect the zoom of the camera.
I figured the easiest way would make it a default value of something like .5 and have it multiply the x.y.z

I can pull up all the proper character references and such but I cant connect the slider to ANYTHING really. It’s an object reference that gives a value of 0-1.
How do i make it a usable variable of any kind?

I don’t think you understand what bind actually does. It runs the function you bound to it every frame to update the value you found. What you’re trying to do I think is override the slider’s on value changed event or whatever its called and set the camera’s zoom then

Your widget has to have the reference to the character.

Your character must have a ZoomIn/Out function.

Your slider has a “OnValueChanged” event which should be calling the ZoomIn/Out function of your Character.

Oh crap…see it now and should’ve have understood that with how the bindings work.

Think what through me off was in the blue print the slider appears under variables and says has a value between 0 and 1.
Think I decided it was a float already I could just plug into something else.

Face desk

At least it binds to the character. For some reason I can do that but can’t seem to sent anything anywhere else like to weapons…

The idea would be to give your Widget a direct reference to your Character.

Then assign the “OnValueChanged” event of your slider (in your Widget). It should give you a red event node returning a float variable. In this event you get the variable holding your Character reference and you call the “ZoomIn/Out” function of your Character from the get variable.

The ZoomIn/Out function should react depending on the float value you’re passing it.

Thanks for adding the documentation!
Yeah after it was brought to my attention that I was using it wrong I remembered that NONE of the bindings worked how I was trying to make it work. Had a busy weekend so far so haven’t worked at it yet, but I appreciate you posting me the documents for when I do if I have any trouble…can be so hard to sort though things that match what your trying to do it seems…