Slider barn color change

Hi, is it a way to make the Slider Bar chnage color like the images be using blueprint?


Hello Blackforcedragon,

You can change slider color in blueprint.

It did not work for me
What I need si a sldeirbar the use 2 colrs like in the image

Can you share screenshot ?


when I change the value of the slider, the slider bar won’t changet the color like the image “help.png”

I think this is not possible with slider. Maybe it can be crazy but it can possible with progressbar :slight_smile:


What you’re asking for, is possible. All you need is to be a little tricky. Here take a look at my approach;

  1. Add two components to your widget, a progress bar and a slider (The progress bar is going to play the role of the slider bar in my approach).

  2. Make the slider bar fully transparent, so it won’t be visible anymore.

  3. Make the x size of both components equal and choose a same anchor for both as well. (Both components will overlap)

  4. Bind both components’ values to a same function and follow my sample setup (I have bound both values to a float variable from my character BP);

Widget designer

Widget designer

Bound function

Inside the HUD BP



The thing is, I’m setting the progress bar and the slider values based on my character health. You can set their value based on whatever you want, like a mouse click for instance. Or you can communicate with the widget from another BP. By the way this is a possible way to make it happen. Hope it helped.


Yes this is a more logical solution :slight_smile: :slight_smile: