Slide Mechanic

I have a crouch function and sprint function, but I’m having trouble to try and combine crouching at the run speed to create a forward slide (like in Killzone 2 onwards, Crysis 2 onwards and Far Cry 3) in the first person template. I’ve experimented with “set the ground speed friction” and “set ground speed multiplier” with Character Movement as the target but I’m not getting any results. I could use some help with making sure I’m also setting up the check of the ground speed with when the crouch input is pressed correctly too?

In terms of messing with friction, there are two important values: GroundFriction and BrakingDecelerationWalking. Friction is always applied, while deceleration only applies when “braking”, ie you are not trying to accelerate. They are both pretty high by default, so you should make sure to consider both of them.

You could also try doing your own velocity calculation during the slide and setting it each frame based on the initial velocity.