Slide Down Hills / Slopes

I have a line trace set up and from the impact normal I have a get slop degrees angle.

However Now I am a bit lost as to where to go from here.

Whenever my character reaches a certain point and can no longer walk up the specified slop angle it goes into a “is falling” situation.

How do I override the “Is Falling” and set up like an “is Sliding” I am guessing it has to be with a bool and then I can do stuff after.

I watched some videos and looked at some forum posts, but nothing seems to hit the nail on the head for my idea.


Hi man

Well the difference between fall and sliding away should be:
If there is NO terrain under your char, you are falling
If there IS terrain under your char, check the normal of the impact point.
if the normal is too much perpendicular, “Slide away”
if the normal is not too much perpendicular, “stay”

You can know if 2 vectors (normal and up vector of your char) are perpenducular using Cross Product
here a nice video about the math Linear algebra of 3D Graphics, Vector, Dot Product, Cross Product, Quaternion, Matrix - YouTube
watch it to understand the value from 0 to 1, then you can use the unreal cross product node

Character Movement -> Is Moving On Ground


Thanks! I do believe I have to incorporate that. Much appreciated!