Slicing Skeletal Meshes with a lightsaber

Some scene infos: after the slice I added a morph face on the enemy, closed eyes and open mouth. I need to fix the enemy slicing Tpose effect, changing it to the animation pose in the sec I do the slice. The post process scene is a manga shader, there is also an intercative collision fog on the floor and rain. The sound is a free mp3 music added as media player in the centre of the combat area, with attenuation effect when escaping the area. The player camera is always moving around the back of the player, zooming & rotating with a FOV autofocusing on player distance location (close objects are blur).

New video with the Player Camera zooming and rotating on the slowmotion Slice action:

How are you doing this? Very nice!

Thanks, I created a bprint on the enemy that selects some pre-cut skel meshes based on the player blade slice direction and enemy position. I set up a quick workflow to pre-slice a skeletal mesh outside ue4 and import them all in unreal, each one with an indipendent physic asset. When I slice, I destroy the skeleton and set the cut bodies in a ragdoll mode. AFter testing many procedural kind of slice, I discovered that this solution is the best in terms of realism and can be easily controlled via bprint. By adding more different pre-cut bodies, the bprint can randomly select one and give a more realistic effect (ie a vertical slice could have 3 different type of body sliced vertically….for the tests I use just 1 vertical).

Ah hah, very nice!