Slice Procedural Mesh breaks Collision

Hi all!
I am having an issue with the Slice Procedural Mesh. I have generated some procedural terrain using the create procedural mesh node in Blueprints. Now I want to make a hole in the ground on a key press. To do so, I use the slice mesh node to make 4 plane cuts to define a square hole which I set the visibility of to false. (I don’t put caps because I am going to fill the cut with a mesh I made)

However, as soon as I do that, the mesh has no collision whatsoever (See GIF).


I have tried to set collison enabled and all channels response to Block after performing the slices, but I got no luck there. Any Idea what’s going wrong ?

Maybe I need to regenerate the collision data for the new slices but I have no idea how to do that without using the create procedural mesh node… All tutorials I have found using the slice proc mesh node use it on regular meshes, not procedural mesh components so the problem could be there…

Thanks a lot

If you use simple collision, you need “Add Collision Convex Mesh” for the new Procedural Mesh Component. It need an array of vectors (the vertices) to make the convex collision mesh.
But how to calculate these, hhmm… not sure.

Alternatively set it to complex collision in the editor “use complex as simple collision”.

That makes sense. Thanks.

Since this is a procedural mesh that is generated at runtime, I can’t set to use complex collision from the editor. But I guess that I may be able to get the auto-generated collision mesh from the original proc mesh before the split and feed that as the collision mesh of the slices… I’ll give it a try and keep you posted.

If it has to be a convex, that might be an issue though… I wish there were a way yo get UE to auto generate the collision mesh as when using the Create Proc Mesh node…