Slender pages system

Hi, as title says, what can i do to make a system like this and on the left top to say the number of the pages that collected? Please tell me.


I can’t give a complete implementation right now, but some hints ;-).

Create a Blueprint “BP_Page” with

  1. Page model
  2. Collected state

Create a Blueprint “BP_PageController”

  1. Add an array with all pages
  2. Create access functions “pageCollected”, “getNumberOfCollectedPages”, “getNumberOfPages”, “…”

Create an UMG Widget “UI_Player”

  1. Add reference to “BP_PageController” pageController
  2. Add text widget and bind text to a function
  3. As text you set then “text = pageController.getNumberOfCollectedPages() + " / " + pageController.getNumberOfPages”

Probalby someone has some more time to create some blueprint examples. But this is shortly how I would do this.


If someone can show me with pictures would be nice. Although thank you Freakxnet!


here some example screenshots.

link text

this is it? That was easy, thank you so much!!

Hello, i have a problem, where to put the meshes of the pages into the blueprint?


you can do two things:

  1. Create a simple plane mesh, place the BP_Page in world, click on it and on the details tab you can set the model to the static mesh component “Page”
  2. Create an new “BP_Page1” with parent of “BP_Page” and set the mesh to the static mesh component “Page”