Sleepy Badger's little polygon shop

Hey everyone,

I represent a (very) small team of artists called Sleepy Badger. We make modular 3d environments for UE Marketplace (and, you know, for the asset store of that other engine we don’t talk about).

I’ll use this thread to post new assets, updates, sales alerts etc. If you own one of our products, please feel free to ask your support questions here or join our cozy little Discord server Sleepy Badger

Here are some screenshots of Old Fund, one of our environment asset packs. Found here: Old Fund - Modular urban environment in Environments - UE Marketplace

Another one of our environments. Buzludzha, a game-ready modular brutalist environment.

Posted Buzludzha on my Artstation page. Likes are the magic essence that gets me out of bed in the morning