Sleeping Dawn - Survival Horror Multiplayer By Effimera Studio

Hi guys!

We are happy to announce Sleeping Dawn! A survival horror multiplayer up to 4 players, the release is planned for December 2017, but not confirmed.

Take a look at the trailer and Let us know what you think!

In a procedural-made maze, every single game will be different: losing your way is as easy as losing your companions.

Keep in your mind where you are and be careful on each way you chose: even the right one is full of obstacles. Facing them or avoiding them is your decision.

You will have 4 tools: use them with caution because each is a double edge weapon. Cooperate with your friends because your target is the same: manage to escape from this gloomy maze.

But remember… Time is your worst enemy: you have 10 minutes to solve the mistery of the maze and find the exit.

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