SlateViewer and where, how to get it

Hope this is the right place to post this.

I am trying to create a stand alone application inspired by an old application called “structure synth” using the Unreal Engine. I have had success using the editor and slate coded HUDs to create the user interface to test and create a kind of prototype of this application. But using HUDs is totally inadequate, and what is needed is a method of creating an application windowed UI separate from the UE editor and able to display slate widgets, access the UE functions, and render the results in a window with actions similar to how the editor displays and runs a game. I have attached a screen shot a what I have done and similar to what I want to achieve, but the windows displayed are generated from a HUD using an SWindow widget, and the results rendered in the UE editor.

What I want to achieve is something similar to this post and question.

and the suggested solution is to have a look at an UE project called SlateViwer. But I cannot find SlateViewer project in the UE4.21 directories or online. From digging a little more it seems to only come with downloading the entire Unreal Engine source code on GItHub, and I do not want to subscribe to GitHub and download the UE source code when I have no intention or want of editing it.

So, is is possible to get this SlateViewer project from some other source so I can have a look at it and see what I can do with it?

Much appreciate for any assistance that can be given.



Oh well, I did what I would have rather not have done. Signed up to yet another account on a site I have no need for, or real reason so as to view code (or in the past download trial software) that I am not sure I want or need. I am now also a member of the Epic development team to edit the Unreal Engine software. Something I will never do.

And what a shock. Only a few files and a not even a thousand lines of code. Not wanting or needing to download the engine source code of 4 or so gig, I have just copied and pasted the Slate viewer into a clone directory on my PC and will look at it more closely after Breakfast. I just hope the effort was worth it.

You need GitHub account for GitHub access due to legal reasons and conditions of EULA. EULA not only prohibits any 3rd party redistribution of the source, but also any form of publication of source code above 30 lines snippets for documentation and help. To make those condition workable you need to tie Epic account tied with GitHub account in order to see the code. Can’t be really helped ;p

You can download source form launcher, it is installation option in the engine, you actually helpful for debugging together with symbols and VS also will point you to it when you ask for definition or deceleration of any function. If you do any C++ in UE4 aspecially a lot deeper like Slate, it is really recommended to have source code on disk. Remember that you effectively extending engine code anyway, it’s integral part of your game or tool you making.

And it will be worth your time, as SlateViewer indeed show of non-Enigne, Core and Slate-only application, there also more complex UnrealFrontend, there Also BlackProgram which show you most minimal example. Most impotent part are build scripts (*.target.cs and *.build.cs) which need to be configured properly for your program to build properly

The only way to access the source code is through my Epic account. I have read the EULA and I am not going to redistribute any code, I just simply copied a few files for my own use without unnecessarily downloading 4 -5 gigs.So one need not worry about me violating any terms of the EULA.

But anyway, thanks for the reply. Appreciated.