Slate Widgets in MoviePlayer / Loading Screen?

Hey guys,
I recently made a loading screen according to this tutorial on the wiki, and it works fine, but I have a question about the Widgets.
In the wiki, it says:

*/** The widget to be displayed on top of the movie or simply standalone if there is no movie. */*
    TSharedPtr<class SWidget> WidgetLoadingScreen;

SWidget is the class of Slate Widgets right? How do I use them? I want just a simple text instead of a movie showing on the loading screen, but all Slate information I could get was about Editor scripting. Anyone knows something about this?


You can check out this page in the docs to get you started: Using Slate In-Game | Unreal Engine Documentation

You can also check out the loading screen code from the shooter game example.

Okey, but they add this MyWidgetPtr, and what type is MyWidgetPtr? A Pointer to what? Can you specify a bit how to create such widget, and add for example a text to it? Thanks!

In that example, MyWidgetPtr is the name of the variable with the type TSharedref<SWidget>.
Functions like SNew use this reference to an SWidget.
There are a number of existing SWidget classes that you can use in SNew such as SHorizontalBox and SUniformGridPanel.

Examples for how to construct an SWidget can be found on this page in the docs: Slate Widget Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hah, I totally misunderstood how this system works, because I actually need to create a class for the Slate widget! Thanks!!

Im totally lost with this too, @iUltimateLP .
I would like to add a video looping on the background while I load a widget I made which have some variables loaded in there.
How have you made it work?
Which file should I edit?