Slate VS Canvas

Hi, i read the docs about UI but i dont understand the difference between creating menus and UI using Canvas vs using Slate. I came from a project of UE3 where we use Canvas instead of Scaleform to make our menus. I wan to know the pros and cons if its possible

Thanks and sorry about my english

There is a steeper learning curve to using slate. I think Wraiths tutorials are the source to look at to get into that. There are examples up now with textures in.

Canvas is simpler.

From what I understand, if you are just going to have simple gui elements canvas is the way to go. If you want menu’s and complicated things then Slate is what you want.

I think they have an Editor Tool planned for slate, but who knows when they do that. In my own experiments I didn’t get far with making Slate work but found drawing to the canvas easy.

Canvas basically allows you to draw things on the screen and get input from the player on them.

Slate is a system that lets you create GUI’s in a more “standardised” style, similar to windows forms and whatnot. If you want an interface that has things like lists, buttons, menubars, text-input and whatnot, it’s a more difficult but more effective option than Canvas.

In my opinion, it might be worth trying to go the CoherentUI route, since it lets you put stuff together in HTML5 for the UI, someone’s working on a plugin at the moment.