Slate? UMG? I'm lost...

I’ve wanted to make some custom widgets, be it in C++ or Blueprint, particularly with a custom appearance beyond a simple colour change. I’ve seen some of Rama’s exampls which are pretty good, but still leave me confused. UMG seems to be pretty big right now, but I’ve also heard the name ‘Slate.’ I’m rather confused: are they two separate UIs? UMG seems to rely on Slate, though. The wiki’s tutorials, though worth reading, seem outdated, as I’ve gotten deprecation warnings and errors from them. The majority of UMG tutorials are Blueprint-based and the only C++ tutorial is rather incomplete.

In the end, from what I’ve seen, I doubt I can do something this complex in Blueprints alone: VictoryChat - YouTube

UMG is WYSIWYG editor of UI. You can either create your widget in blueprint and put all the functionality there(Just create “Widget Blueprint” asset) or create widget class in C++ and then make a Blueprint deriving from it. If you want to know how to create widget in C++ look at my answer in this thread:

Ah, okay. I’ll try it out and get back if I have problems.