Slate/UMG 3D widget transforms in Screen Space.

Like this:
Where we can rotate widget around Vertical axis.

Widget Component does not always cut it, and it is not suited for all types of games (unless It can be rendered on top of everything).
It can be useful for adding more depth in GUI (something along like Destiny HUD or The Division).

You could always use SMeshWidgets to do this in the meantime. They’re not easy to use, but Nick uploaded a sample project to my thread about it, and my radar uses them too.

C++ only of course, but they are cheap as hell to draw to screen, are entirely screen-space and you get other nice features like anti-aliasing etc.

Hey thanks.
But that seems like overkill (not to mention really slow to iterate). Since I don’t think mesh widgets can be somehow magically transformed in material to add 3d transforms to them (add depth, like CSS 3D transforms) and I would still end up hacking around creating properly wrapped meshes.

Yeah they aren’t transformed in the material really, the mesh itself uses the ‘transform’ you import it with and that is how it looks on screen (1 unit in mesh space becomes 1 pixel). Not super-fast for iteration.

Still it might cover for the meantime.

It’s something I’m researching. The first step was fixing the clipping system, Now that that’s done, I can consider how to add 3D as an option in a reasonable way.

Thanks for considering it (;. I reallly hope it will end in Slate.

Hi, I’m wondering if this feature has any updated plan yet? Thanks.