Slate tick time constantly increasing during runtime?

I am working on my projects main menu and have come across the problem of the slate tick time increasing constantly during runtime, even when idle. The stats don’t seem to show me anything though, besides the time increasing, all the calls seem reasonable.

Is there a way to troubleshoot what is going wrong?

I posted an image of the stats when you first launch the game, and then after the game sits for 10 minutes. By 10 minutes the fairly simple main menu is struggling to get over 30 fps on a pretty decent rig.

UMG is just a wrapper for Slate, so what is your UI setup? You got anything on tick in there?

There was a few small things on tick, but even if I turn them all off, the problem persists.

Even if I turn off the entire UI and launch the game the same thing still happens. This is perplexing…

The problem seems to have come from an issue with DPI Scaling. Resetting all my DPI settings fixed the issue.