Slate taking 30MB in build size on Mobile?

I’ve read in documentation that Slate is taking 30MB of build size on Mobile. I would like to ask if Epic will fix that or it will always take 30MB?

I’m asking because with slate Tappy Chicken will have something like 70MB and it wouldn’t be able to ship and make revenue in Korea/China (those are really big markets for mobile) because of the limits by operators in those countries.

Will be grateful for answer!

Would also be interested to hear about this too.

Will Epic be making improvement to the packaging of mobile apps in general? Otherwise it will only be useful for big budget or at least full scale pc/console games.

Hey LowerPoly,

This was answered on another [AnswerHub post][1] by the same .


Any tips how to optimize Slate (UMG)? - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums

The thread you link to appears to be about Slate’s performance overhead rather than size on disk in the build.