Slate Style being cooked as EDITORONLY in cooked builds

I have a group of graphical assets contained in a custom subclass of FSlateWidgetStyle, with the brushes loaded from a SlateWidgetStyleAsset to allow the assets to be modified without touching code (for design teams to modify). However, while it works in uncooked builds, cooking the game for release presents the following error when the Style is loaded by the Slate code:

[2014.07.11-13.57.40:468][  0]LogLinker:Warning: Unable to load package (../../../UCP/Content/Slate/Styles/DefaultUCPUIResourcesStyle.uasset). Package contains EditorOnly data which is not supported by the current build or vice versa.

Anyone aware of why this is being marked EditorOnly? Adding the containing folder to Always Cook doesn’t seem to affect it.

Our builds are being cooked as (Windows/Linux)NoEditor through the standalone UnrealFrontend.

Hey ceph3us,

I apologize for letting this issue fall through the cracks. Are you still having trouble with this issue?

It’s resolved now. After reading another post which I cannot currently find, it turned out that the issue was that Slate resources were not being cooked as such at release because they were not placed in the Slate/Images content folder.