[Slate] SComboBox doesn´t update laben OnSelectionChanged()

Hey guys,

I´m having a hard time understanding Slate and its update behaviour in an editor plugin.

I have a SComboBox which shows a few categories. If I choose another option my OnSelectionChanged
event gets fired but the label on the checkbox doesn´t update.

Am I missing something how Slate draws itself? Do I need to “redraw” the UI?

If anybody can guide me to a proper guide on how to setup a Editor Window which has a lot of dynamic changes I will be forever grateful.
Having a hard time to find good documentation for Slate in the editor.

Example code:

void SCategoryComboBox::Construct(const FArguments& Args, std::vector<Category> categories)

			.OnSelectionChanged(this, &SCategoryComboBox::OnSelectionChanged)
			.OnGenerateWidget(this, &SCategoryComboBox::MakeWidgetForOption)

void SCategoryComboBox::OnSelectionChanged(TSharedPtr<Category> newSelection, ESelectInfo::Type)
	SelectedCategory = newSelection;

TSharedRef<SWidget> SCategoryComboBox::MakeWidgetForOption(TSharedPtr<Category> inOption)
	return SNew(STextBlock).Text(FText::FromString(inOption->Name));

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Still couldn´t figure it out. Bump!