Slate or HUD Canvas

I’m wondering. What is the best to use to HUD and UI in C++. Slate or HUD Canvas ?
What is the real difference ?


I’m currently using a mixture of HUD Canvas and Slate in my currently project, and it seems to be communicating quite well. I’m using Slate for my main and pause menus and HUD Canvas for something else. I’ve found some restrictions with Slate so far in terms of interacting with your scene and the slate menu simultaneously, it’s difficult to tell it to switch focus/control from the slate menu to in-game. Slate is still under construction and can (hopefully) only get better.

It honestly would be best to just use Slate, as it solves quite a few problems you might encounter later. Like binding dynamic properties, arrays etc.
But Canvas have also some useful things like Project/Deproject and it is generally easier to display simple graphics using Canvas rather than Slate.

Ok thanks both for the precision.

I hesitate because i also see coherentUI but it’s not free …

Slate seems interesting.

Maybe i’m going to start with Canvas to see what i can do with it and its limitations.

In my case, i use Canvas for simple stuff, like healthbars, indicators, and simple sprites on the screen.
Slate its better for actually complex menus, like those for a RPG or interactive option menus.

In my case, I have been using Slate for everything so far. I am sure I will be using Canvas to use the Deproject for player names and other stuff that can move all over the screen. I really like Slate once you get the hang of how to update the elements during runtime for health and other variables.

Thanks all for your opinion :wink:
And what do you think of coherent UI ?

I think web browsers have it’s place, and hooking up entire web browser just to display health is overkill.
Though If you want to display webpages in your game for whatever reason, it’s good solution.

I completely agree with this. It’s not necessary unless you want/need it as a feature in your game.

I agree as well. I was watching the video for their UE4 demo reel for Coherent UI and either I was seeing things or the ammo updating when they fired the weapons was lagging behind when the shot was actually fired. I am sure Slate is able to keep up with a lot faster response time from what I have seen.

Ok thanks.
After some tests, the only problem with canvas or Slate is you don’t have any editor to create your HUD. But it’s not really a problem unless you have a very complicated HUD.
And in C++, once you have defined your functions it’s easy to setup …

Epic are currently developing a Slate editor: Trello

Won’t be too long before your able to use it :smiley:

Good news :slight_smile: