Slate onClick issue

Hi, I’m playing around with slate and keep getting a crash when I implement a buttons onClick in my Plugin. It compiles fine with no errors.

My header function in public;

FReply Testing() const;

my cpp

//test to log when button clicked
FReply FTestToolModule::Testing() const
    UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("testing works end"));
    return FReply::Handled();

TSharedRef<SDockTab> FTestToolModule::OnSpawnPluginTab(const FSpawnTabArgs& SpawnTabArgs)
    FText WidgetText = FText::Format(
        LOCTEXT("WindowWidgetText", "Add code to {0} in {1} to override this window's contents"),
        //LOCTEXT("WindowWidgetText", "this shit works!!"),

    return SNew(SDockTab)
            // Put your tab content here!


                SNew(SButton).Text(LOCTEXT("ExampleLayout-TextLabel02", "Slots are packed tightly."))
                //.OnClicked(this, &FTestToolModule::Testing)
                .OnClicked_Raw(this, &FTestToolModule::Testing)
                //.OnClicked(FOnClicked::CreateRaw(this, &FTestToolModule::Testing))


Don’t worry guys it was some unknown bug, don’t know which line threw it off. Redid the code in and it worked fine.