Slate, How to Make Fancy Slate Buttons

Dear Community,

Here’s a tutorial on making fancy Slate buttons!

Wiki Tutorial Link


1. Custom Tooltip widgets!
2. Button Text that highlights when the cursor hovers over it!
3. Custom background images for buttons
4. Custom text for buttons
5. One button is simply a big image!
6. Code shows how to link a button to a function in your slate widget class.
7. Tooltips use Localized Text!
8. How to resize an Image-based button.



Here’s a video demoing what these fancy Slate buttons look like!

Enjoy the tutorial!


You and your epic beard have done it again ! :smiley:

Give this man a Bells !!

Thanks Rama, as always you are awesome !

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Glad you like the beard!

You’re welcome!

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Nice one Rama.


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Hey Rama!

First of all, thanks for the Slate tutorials.

I got some question for you, i hope you find the time to answer me (:!

First of all, would you recommend using slate at all or would you say, as long as the normal HUD works, stick to that?
Because i’m still not that good in c++ (although i know c, and c#) and reading your Hello Slate tutorial is a bit hard for me.

But hey, i need to learn that :smiley:

So my questions about Slate and especially about this tutorial here:

I easily managed to setup the Hello Slate tutorial things. So my game shows the “Hello Slate” at the top.
I also understand where it’s getting that message from, but when looking at this button tutorial now, i don’t really know if i understood slate at all.

Will all of the Buttons code be in the MyUIWidget? Will all different “functions” be inside the ChildSlot or outside?
How to communicate between a setup button in slate and a function in c++/ue4.

I don’t know if i’m just to stupid, but i can’t really tell how slate is structured. I would be so happy if someone could make a simple Videotutorial, where he/she shows how everything works together.

Or maybe your answer will directly make me understand what i need to do here.

I hope you understand my problems in understanding slate. My english isn’t that well sometimes ^.^


Hi eXi!

Well UMG will be usable in 4.4, and a lot of slate stuff is getting reworked right now, so there’s no point in making video to explain it all since there’s about to be a huge new big and powerful and easy to use super amazing Slate Graphical Interface at your disposal very soon!

(you can quote me on that)


o.o That’s amazing. Than i better stop thinking about the UI at the moment and start coding some other game part.
I guess no one knows what “very soon” means or? :smiley:

I will work around the slate UI with BP and Canvas for that time. Thanks for the news Rama! Hope you see some nice Tutorials when the SGI is there. (: