Slate Container Size C++ SBorder SBox Height, Width???

Alright, I’m trying to set the height and width of a container in Slate without the items in the container scaling to fit entirely, I want to be able to create an external scroll box that scrolls through this internal list of widgets, but when I set the size, it just scales entirely, like text gets small, buttons get smaller just to fit in the desired size, I want them to spill out of the desired size and show the traditional dimensions minus the widgets that aren’t seen within the desired height/width

Not sure, but one guess would be DPI Scaling The only thing that worked for me was to set the DPI Curve in the preferences to a flat line at 1.0. I also tried the Custom Scale Rule class, but couldn’t get it to work.

Tried that and the slate widgets still scale accordingly.

I remember having to set the child widgets within the scroll box to AutoHeight (or maybe vice-versa…). Scrollboxes are a huge pain for whatever reason.

That’s ridiculous. Thank you, how then do you make the god **** scroll bar operable? Whole nother can of worms?

FIXED. Had other widgets overlapping.