Slate Button Pauses Game while Mouse Button Down with PIE

If you pie using the active viewport; clicking on a Slate button will cause the game pause while the mouse button is down.

This does not occur if you pie in a new window.

/ Kyle

Hi Kyle -

I am not able to immediately reproduce this effect in house, can you let me know exact what your button is designed to do?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric,

The button currently does nothing. I was just getting started.

Did Slate, Hello tutorial.

Added a button.

Play In Editor with current Viewport. Clicked and held down on the button and → game pauses while mouse is down.

It’s a CompoundWidget in the game, created and attached through the hud, not a tool window in the editor.

This is on the 4.3 preview, maybe this has already been resolved?

Hi kylawl -

I am still having a problem reproducing your issue. Could you upload your source code and project for us to test directly or a sample project which exhibits the same error? Feel free to zip and link to a dropbox.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Give this a shot.

/ Kyle

Hi kylawl -

That helps alot! Very clear from your example. We are looking into this issue now and I will let you know as soon as I have more information.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

No Problem.

One other thing to note with this issue. I was able to do a quick double-click then hold down the mouse button. Sometimes on the hold it was not pause but the button graphics would indicate that the button was held down.

Hi kylawl!

This is probably happening because we throttle viewport rendering whenever a user interacts with UI in the editor. It’s a way of shifting priorities to the part of your experience that needs to be most responsive. It seems that we give UI priority in the scenario you describe, so holding down a button effectively freezes the game.

Ideally we would roll a fix for this into a bigger Slate/UMG initiative that’s currently underway. Hopefully this isn’t a blocker for you.

Hey, ya this is no big deal at all. Run in a separate window and you’re good to go.


/ Kyle

Sweet! Glad you’re able to work. We really appreciate you pointing out the problem as it helps us build a better editor.


Any update on this? It’s an annoying issue for us, since we mix Slate UI with object interaction, i.e. our Slate usage is not modal.

I believe a fix for this went into 4.5.