Slate Brush does not recognize changes

Hello! I have been attempting to change an image in a widget, where that image is the only component.

So far I have tried function binding, brush binding, direct image variable modification, etc, all of which has done absolutely nothing.

Below are some examples of my blueprints:

^^^These two don’t have any effect^^^^

^^directly modifying image variable throws a “None” error for the image itself, which is weird considering the variable is literally the only thing in the widget, and the image displays regardless…


^^^Proof that I am binding the brush^^^^^

^^^Proof that the image changing node is called at some point^^^^

I am quite lost with what to try next, as the image will never change from anything but the default binding!

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

After a ton of testing, I think this is caused by a bug with the TileView Widget.

Calling “Add Item” creates a COPY of the item you are trying to add, and does not just use the reference.
This causes the object in Tile view to be created with default values, and two objects being created in memory instead of one. It also means that any changes to the reference you can access in blueprints will not be reflected in the Tile view item.

The workaround I have found is quite a pain to use, but luckily adding items to the Tile view maintains the order in which they were added, so you can simply iterate through the array generated by the “Get Displayed Entry Widgets” node.

NOTE: This is not just a problem with the slate brush anymore, it is a problem with the Tile View widget.

Workaround example: