Slate: Basic question about scaling.

Hey guys, im slowly and carefully getting into slate now (and UMG ) and I was wondering what an easy way would be to scale a widget. For example, Let’s just say I use slate to make a crosshair instead of canvas( I will probably end up using canvas anyways, but lets just say in this example I use Slate ). How would I scale it up and down ?

Thank you in advance!

Hey , you’d use a render transform to apply a scale. Unfortunately the render transform work isn’t done yet, but once it is, any widget can have standard 2D transforms applied to it, after the layout pass has occurred.

Alright, that sounds good :). When you say the render transform work isn’t done, do you mean in UMG or in Slate overall?

Thanks for the answer!

Both. Though if you needed it right now, there’s a few controls that hack in support for scaling child widgets, SBorder and SFxWidget, can do it.

Alright, thank you!

So as of now, there is no way to scale slate widgets?

You can, it just relies on controls like SBorder and SFxWidget.