Slate AssetPicker SObjectPropertyEntryBox .ObjectPath () FString to FString cast error

Hey everyone,
I’m still trying to get my assetpicker for my plugin working. I want to see the chosen asset and therefore need to provide it with an ObjectPath. It expects a FString my delegate is of type FString and it’s not working. What is the problem here?

			.OnObjectChanged(this, &FMyClassDetails::ModelChange)
			.ObjectPath( &FMyClassDetails::GetModelPath)

Here is the delegate:

FString FRealCameraDetails::GetModelPath() 
	if (ModelBlueprintAsset.IsValid())
		return ModelBlueprintAsset.ObjectPath.ToString();
	return "";

error C2440: ‘type cast’: cannot convert from ‘const OtherType’ to ‘ObjectType’ with[OtherType=FString (__cdecl FMyClassDetails::* )(void)] and [ ObjectType=FString ]

Any help is much appreciated!

Hello. Did you find a solution for this? I have the same issue, but for SNew(SBox).WidthOverride(). Passing a delegate into the property gives this error.