SL: The Character portrait/ Comlink Thread

Hello, all. I am in the process of building a character portrait/Comlink system.for my game, Sanctity Lost. Something like this I was able to achieve that in UDK, by watching this tutorial , and using scaleform. It was awesome to see it work, but even then I had a few problems. the main one being the inability to make the portrait slide on and off the screen.

I am pretty new to UE4, and I am sure that there are tutorials already to help me port that to the new engine, however this time around, I would like to take it step by step. I will be asking questions about the various parts of the process as time goes on…Your help and assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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AH! I see I thought I mistakenly put in in content creation originally. So this is where it belongs…

Question 1. I s it better to use video files for each conversation sequence, or import skeletal meshes for each character and use a render texture target 2d to capture their facial animations? (I plan to have a cinematic version for each speaking character)

Any chance I will get soe help on this?