Skyrim like HDT Weapon sling, how to?

I’m trying to make the attached weapons on my back and other places swing just like on this mod from skyrim :

However, i have no idea how to do it, and it seems there’s nothing around here explaining how.

how are you attaching the weapons to the back of your character?
if your weapon is an actor attached to your character the solution will be related to using a physics asset on your weapon and activating it
if your weapon is part of the same skeleton and entirely rigged to a bone, using anim dynamics could be enough

It’s an actor attached to my character.
If it is like you said, i’m doing it wrong. The way i’m trying to do is activate physics on the weapon after attaching it, but it simply drops like it were never attached.

EDIT: tried a lot of physics settings. The further i could get would be making it not drop anymore. However, it’ll just stand there, not being attached like always.

You’ll probably have to fake it using a timeline that edits the transform of your actor.

Pretty sure they covered this with a livestream really recently. That is attaching something to a bone/join that is physics enabled.

What is the livestream? Not very practical for me to watch several 1:30 hour long videos to know. Is it for 4.15 only?