Skyrim in Unreal Engine


I have a few questions! Can Skyrim Animations be used on the third person skeleton in Unreal Engine? Can HKX Files be changed into FBX files? I have a really cool Skyim mod I’d like to use but I have no idea what to do!

You cannot use assets from a commercially released game without authorization from the developer. You aren’t doing that, but what complicates this is whether the assets are original or modified game assets, as well as whether you need any part of Skyrim to use the asset (such as conversion to another format). If the mod author is willing to give you permission to use the raw assets (before they were converted and put into the mod), then yes, you can use them.

Bottom line is you need permission, either from Bethesda or the mod author, before doing anything. Converting from a Bethesda format is out of the question legally, so contact the mod author to get the raw files.

Thanks! I didn’t think about it that way. I was thinking along the lines of it being custom material and I didn’t know the formatting thing. I’ll just reframe from the idea and seek someone to custom create something similar. Thanks again!