Skylo's Experiments


My name’s Paulie Skylo Wilkinson. Skylo is fine :slight_smile:

I used to be in the 3d animation industry, but life happened and I needed to get out more. I became a personal fitness coach and bodybuilding became a part of that. Gotta walk the walk, kind of thing.
Anyway so I’ve finally been able to properly sit down and put something together. It ain’t much but I’m happy where UE4 is able to allow me to go.

I’ve been playing around with some of the marketplace assets and seeing how much realism I can push out of them in a scene.
I haven’t had a lot of time lately to really sit down and build my own assets and tweak more but I’m happy with what I’ve been able to do with UE4 this far.

Big thanks goes out to the good folks who I purchased content with on the marketplace. You helped me get started sooner rather than later!

Note: I used the 2.0 setting on the high res screenshot tool with image 1. The others weren’t so lucky. :slight_smile:


Please stay tuned, I will be dedicating some more time to express my creativity here in this thread.

Nice to be here! Cheers.

wow, beautiful

Thank you Unit23 :slight_smile:

very nice. keep up the great work

Wow they actually look really **** realistic, how much time did u spend?

Which asset packs were used to create this environment, just out of interest?

Thanks guys.
It took me an afternoon to get everything set up and take some screenshots (about total 6 hours). All lighting is dynamic (I haven’t hooked up any time of day system yet).
I’ve added some soundscapes in using ambient sound entities and am looking into starting some wildlife AI down the road. Something that’s been playing on my mind for a very long time!
I used a few packs to get started, Skulburn. Namely the nature and grass packs. And some really neat rock packs the kind folks have up on the marketplace.