skylight movable and stationary

Is there any reasons behind why the skylight stationary is more correct lighting than skylight movable (ceiling is too dark and flooring,wall are too bright). what if i want to use the movable skylight for my game with moving objects but the lighting is looks wrong, how to achieve the correct lighting the same from skylight stationary. please advise

skylight stationary

skylight movable

Stationary light will bake shadows on static objects and be dynamic on movable objects. Movable skylight cannot be baked and will only cast dynamic shadows (less realistic)

Assuming your house’s geometry is set to static. Stationary sky will have it’s lighting baked, movable skylight not. Movable skylight being 100% dynamic, doesn’t produce G.I (bounced lighting). That’s why the ceiling is pitch black. There is a settings on movable skylight that can ‘‘fake’’ a bounce of lighting tho, it’s to turn off the ‘‘lower hemisphere is a solid color’’ option :

In that scene the skylight is set to movable but I lowered the intensity quite a lot.


Hi Hearthlessphil thank you for the quick reply. “movable skylight 100% dynamic doesn’t produce GI” . Is there any solution to achieve the correct lighting like GI using movable skylight? or i need to add fake fill light and general light?

Depends on what kind of scene you want to make. Do you have a couple objects that are movable or everything need to be movable? Because a stationary skylight could work well for a baked environment with some movable objects, like a character for example. Or is it because you don’t want to bake anything because you don’t want to have to deal with lightmaps?

heartlessphil it works on uncheck “lower hemisphere is solid color” and lower the intensity, but after i Build it turns to wrong lighting again.

after Build

Probably because your hdri lower part is pretty dark already… Try with another hdri (like the default one from epic, courtyard iirc) just to see. Usually I use a plain grey hdri map.

movable skylight - it works i changed the Hdri with default (courtyard from epic) and with the help of post process adjusting the gamma to 1.45 value.