SkyLight build problem

Hi, guys. I made a simple house in Maya, and then import into content browser. Drag it into my level and add a skylight and build. After building, there are always some ripples on the floor and the walls. I have struggle for a long time in studying this problem, but always no result. Is there anyone know about the reason? Thank you very much.


Not sure if it’s a shading issue or compression… do you have compression on your lightmaps? …or any post processing?

No. I’ve not compressed my lightmaps. I’ve dragged a PostProcessVolume, a LightMapInportanceVolume, a sky light and my house’s static meshes into my level. While I turn off the PostProcessVolume, this phenomenon becomes more obvious.

ok… could you try to place portal(s) in your opening(s)?
Also could you check if you haven’t lowered the scalability settings?

Hey there. Different things could be causing this. How are your lightmap UVs? I would split all faces of your screenshots into their own islands to minimize bleeding. You can also try increasing the lightmap resolution and use high settings for Lightmass. You can also try going into your Wolrd Settings and increase GI quality and indirect bounces.

Well, I put a lightmass portal into the level, scale it to fit the door and rebuild my level. But I find that the ripples still exist.Then I check if the scalability setting was set to low, while it has been set to Epic. Uh, what’s the matter with it?

Hi. I think that I have unwrapped my static meshes UVs correctly. I have increased my lightmap resolution to 1024 or 2048, and modified the parameters in world settings.

Great, did the higher lightmap resolution help?
In your World Settings try increasing the number of Skylight bounces to 10 or so. Also set the Indirect Lighting Quality to 100 by manually typing in the value (the spinner caps out at 5). Rebake and let us know how it works out.

I’d never go higher than 10 in quality!! …and it will raise your build time like hell!!!
Maybe it’s your post process! …if you change exposure does it change? …the shape of those things…

It doesn’t change. I have tried to change post process but I found it’s useless to change parameters in post process’s details, so I tried to delete post process and rebuild the level, the ripple became more obvious…