Skyharbor - Looking for Talents

This is Skyharbor, a stylistic turn-based strategy game, based in a fantasy world. We are currently looking for talents of all kinds. Our biggest need right now is Programmers. We have a team consisting of a few modelers, however, only one programmer at the moment. The game is along the vein of XCOM, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Civilization.

We currently need programmers, modelers, and concept artists. Any other talent would be a great help as well.

Programmers: All programming is done using blueprints at this point, we need to have a functional battle process, movement, building of structures, A.I., research upgrading, and various other non-combat functions.

Modelers: Both hard surface and organic (character) modelers are needed. We currently have a few that are good at both, but excel more with character modeling. The modeling style is not a realistic AAA quality style. Instead we are utilizing a stylistic, anime/cartoon style artwork along the lines of Afro Samurai and Borderlands to create a unique world, which can be made to be exaggerated at points of interest, without the stress of having highly accurate models.

Concept Artists: We are in dire need of a concept artist, as our current has had to take a leave for an undetermined amount of time. The concept artists function is to create certain assets from reference pictures, and descriptions for various objects required to be modeled by the modelers. This would ideally include 2 or 3 view images for modeling purposes, and preferably with color schemes added, or reference art for fine details.

Other Talent: We could utilize a Composer for a soundtrack for the game, as well as Level Designers, Animators, individuals with World Machine, or SpeedTree knowledge, Shader Experts, 2D Artists, etc. Let me know what you can do and I`m sure we can use your skills.

Currently, we have 3 modelers, a few of us taking on multiple tasks to keep things going, and a single programmer, whose life can be hectic. So, our highest priority is to alleviate some of the stress on the programmer with additional programmers.

If you are interested in joining, or wish for more information, let me know.

Here are a few screenshots:

hi , i’m a composer , want to learn more about your project
you can talk on discord ( id Dart frog#1127)

here some of my last work