Skybox sphere image not showing in lit mode but does in unlit


I created a sphere actor. Scaled it to 20,000 on the X, Y, & Z.

I’ve created my basic skybox sphere, two sided, unlit with rotation parameters etc. and applied my texture HDRI with no mipmaps, skybox texture group and forced 4096 texture resolution and applied an instance of that to my sphere.

Cast shadows on the sphere is off. I have my directional light and sky light under the SunSky actor both affecting the scene.

In unlit mode I can see my HDRI just fine. But when I go to lit mode I lose my ability to see it. I’ve tried baking lighting but no luck at all.

I’m very new to UE4. Trying to learn this a bit for some archviz we are trying to do. Any help is much appreciated.


If you use the SunSky actor, your Directional light has an intensity of ~ 75000 by default. That is quite bright and some other stuff, mostly Emissive, will turn black.
Try to multiply your texture input (into Emissive, I think?) with a high value, like 2000. Or even 10.000. That should help to make the Skybox visible again.

Ah ok thank you very much. I’ve turned down my sun to a more reasonable level and upped my brightness a bunch and now I’m seeing it. Thank you very much.