Skybox Process Simplification

Why has the process of creating a traditional skybox been complicated. I cannot simply make a param cube and add in cube map images to assemble to map in the engine anymore. It used to be so easy:

Why can’t this be done anymore?

Is their a way to use this method in place?

any help explaining the current process of cube map skybox?

Hi Hugh,

The method is not totally different, just some of the names have changed. In UE4 you should have a hrdi put into a “TextureSampleParameterCube” with “Vector Transform” plugged into the UVs slot and “Reflection Vector” plugged into the transform.

See this issue for more details:

Please let me know if this was any help.

Thank you,


oh so we make HDRI images to replace the cubemap now oh ok. Is legacy cube map image slots still in place? If so where

Unfortunately, the cubemap editor feature no longer exists in the editor. For now HDRI is the method that is being used. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.