Skybox material

Is there easy way to change skybox material/texture in unreal like it is very easy in Unity


You can do whatever you like!

Modify the existing sky or create your own by blueprint.

Even just a mesh (sphere or box) spherical map and cubemap both look nice in unreal4.

I made the star sky with just a material in the video’s

yes thanks, i have tried to change unreal skybox material, but the list is empty, i only want to change skybox material, but how, skybox datatype is material instance

Choose the Sky_Sphere in your World Outliner, or just select it in the editor window. In the details panel you will see

Override Settings

Sun height
Zenith Color
Horizon Color
Cloud Color
Overall Color

Those are good things to play with to affect the sky color.

You can also edit Sun Brightness, cloud Speed, Cloud Opacity and Stars Brightness in the Default Settings in the same Details panel.

If That isn’t enough to do the trick for you (and that should give you some nice changes) Look at the top of the Details panel. make sure the skySphere is still selected. You see that hierarchy, it will say Base (Inherited) and then SkySphere Mesh.

Choose the Sky Sphere Mesh and it will show you the Static Mesh you are using, and the Materials that you are using. If you hit the little magnifier icon, it will take you right to the material for you to edit.

I would caution you to duplicate the sky material if you want to play with it though. Then when you have it duplicated, select it in your content browser and hit the little arrow next to the magnifier to use your new material instead.

After that you can play with the material.

If you have trouble finding it open view options, enable show engine content.