Skybox help

Hello all, i’ve seen a bunch of posts on skybox creation, followed them, but i keep ending up with a skybox that is blurry, even with the max rez on the photoshop import, (space theme is what i am doing), has anyone successfully made a space theme skybox, and if so could you help me :slight_smile:

Hey if you are looking for something like this:

Then feel free to change your settings too what I have, make sure to play around with the colours and settings to get a Skybox that you prefer.
(sorry for the bad quality, it’s on lowest quality settings).


Yes I’ve got them working pretty well it isn’t to hard to do after a bit of initial confusion. I’m assuming that you’ve setup a cubemap, the problem with the blurry res is a setting in the cubemap texture.

-double click on the texture in the content browser to open the texture settings window
-look at the ‘details’ bit on the right hand side of the window
-Under the section ‘Level of Detail’ click on the drop down box ‘Mip Gen Settings’ and change it to ‘NoMipMaps’.
-save it and your space scene should now look the proper resolution
-be eternally indebted for me going through this pain of finding this out a few weeks ago and saving you the pain and misery :wink:

Did that sort your issue?

Ah right it’s another 1 post wonder so we’ll never know, why do I bother…

Because it helps people that come along later?

okay I’ll give you that one :slight_smile: