skybox broken in 4.10

Hi guys.

I’m using 4.10 and everything was working very well for couple of days but I guess something got broken today.

I opened a new project starting from first person example and noticed that the sky looks low res and no animation going on. I deleted the project right away and started again a new one thinking i might accidentaly deleted something but again the sky was not working as before.

I also loaded an older archviz project where I know it was working with those animated clouds etc… but even there it is no longer working.

Now I never cared how that sky material or blueprint works cause I either used it as is or didn’t use it at all.

On top of that I fear something worse might be broken cause it just doesn’t make sense that neither in new project (tried first person and third person) and even in older projects it doesn’t work.

I’m still very new to unreal and while I understand the concept of using blueprints and materials it is still also very possible I might just done something stupid and the sky is working but I’m not seeing it :smiley:

Can someone point me to what might I do to either break it or maybe just disabling it being visible ingame or maybe tell me how to rebuild it so I can finally learn how to make that?

Well. I just clicked the verify button in launcher and that fixed it. It told me about backed up localy changed files and bp_sky asset was there as if it was changed so I guess something went wrong there.

Now I still wonder. How could that happened? I thought that every project has it’s own content not shared with others. How could it get damaged in already existing project just as in every new one??

EDIT: BP_sky_Sphere is not a localy created blueprint so any changes in one instance in one project will change it in every other aswell… That’s what happened.