SkyAtmosphere time of day


I’m experimenting with the new SkyAtmosphere in 4.24. I was very excited to read it was physically based and accurate.

From that description, I had thought it would have a feature it doesn’t: light positioning based on lat/lon and time of day. For example, for a game set in the far north of the world in summer, where the sun does not set, it would be great to set a nominal world location, and time of day, in the sky/atmosphere and have the sun directional light position be positioned so that it follows the genuine arc of the midnight sun.

Sky and sun based on geographical coordinates and time of day would be useful for both games and architecture.

This can be worked around - the sun directional light and moon light can always be moved through other techniques. (Perhaps I also don’t know the “right way” to specify an arc for any light to follow.) Just thought this would be a neat (and useful) one to add.

Indeed: the SkyAtmosphere component only simulate light multiple scattering within an atmosphere considering telluric planet.It can represent any planet so we did not want to set it tied to the Earth for instance.

We do have the SunSky actor available in an official plugin doing exactly what you ask for. It contorls the sun considering the planet Earth according to position and date/time. See
No moon but that is already something that should be useful.