Sky trouble on 4.11

After move my project from 4.10.1 to 4.11 my sky became white. I tried to replace BP_Sky_sphere and Sky_light but still white. The problem is only when i launch on android device (ATC)

Hi Carf,

I have a basic test scene from a blank project that I created in 4.10 and converted to 4.11 p1, but I’m not seeing the same issue on my end when packaging for my Android test device.

Some information I’ll need from you:

  • Are you able to reproduce in a blank project?
  • Does this happen with a new created in 4.11?
  • What device are you packaging to?
  • Can you post a 4.10 vs 4.11 p1 screen shot from your device?

Thank you!


My Rendering settings

Hi, Thanks for your help.

1 - No problem on blank project (i will try later with other settings)
2 - Created on 4.11 OK
3 - Packaging to Android ATC : (Moto G) XT1032

Merry Christmas

I’m not able to reproduce with a blank project like you mention above. Without any reproducible steps it would be impossible for any developer here to look into further without providing custom licensee support. If you’re able to narrow down any steps that can reproduce the issue I’m happy to investigate further.

It is also likely that this may resolve itself during the preview period for 4.11 as there are to be a number of preview releases between now and February to fix a lot of the issues. Preview builds are notorious for having issues when first being released.