Sky sphere indipendent from light

Hello. I’d like to have my sky background indipendent from the light of the sun.
I use a cubemap in a skysphere. The problem is if I add sun light also my background changes color, turning lighter,greish, and adjusting emissive scale of the cubemaps doesn’t help, it becomes darker in a wrong way. I see hdri backdrop is not affected from the light of the sun but it produces light itself in the scene, and it’s not a thing I want. Please Help!

Try changing the skysphere material from Lit to Unlit?

Thank you for the answer. I tried to activate default lit or unlit from the material but doesn’t appear to change anything on screen. I added a power node trying to maybe to override somehow the gray situation but doesn’t work. I attach some screen so you can see how it should be and how it becomes after adding sun. Adjusting contrast and brightness just makes things darker or lighter gray.

Other things to look at are the exposure settings or maybe any fog component you may have. Good luck!