Sky Sphere Blueprint recreated, can't connect component to "Target [self]"

Hey there,

Branch: Binary

Build Version: 4.8.1-2591939

System Specs: 8gb Ram - Nvidia Geforce 750 ti - i7 core 3.1 ghz - Windows 7 64 - bit

Repro Steps:

So I’ve been trying to recreate the standard starter content sky sphere blueprint that comes with every new UE4 project. I’ve recreated the material and the material instance from scratch (changing only the standard textures to my own ones), and then proceeded to recreate the sky sphere blueprint. I should say that I am very new to blueprint visual scripting as well as any type of scripting or coding as a whole. I usually work with content creation, lighting and level design, so this is a very “foreign” topic for me. Anyways, I began with recreating the “Construction Script” part of the blueprint, but after compiling, all of the nodes, with the socket “Target (self)” became red. I thought perhaps this was a problem with the fact, that I had not yet created the “Sun Direction” portion of the blueprint, so I created it from scratch in the same way it is made in the original version. Same problem occurred. I began to search, what exactly is the “Target (self)” socket, and found that if I place the mouse pointer over it, it will tell me what I can plug into it. However, when I place the mouse cursor over it it says: “BP Sky Sphere Reference”, which is strange to me, since the original sky sphere mesh, is not even a component in my blueprint. I have my own “skydome” type mesh (half of a sphere with planar mapping applied to it). The name of the mesh is “Skydome_Mesh” and it is a component in the blueprint I have created. However, due to the “BP Sky Sphere Reference” message I get when placing the mouse pointer over the “Target Self” node, I cannot seem to be able to plug in my own “Skydome_Mesh” component. Apologies, for the long post. I’m new to this area of UE4, hope I explained my problem in a comprehensible way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.