Sky not showing up on pserver

TrueSky is not showing up.
When i create it, and, set the blueprint and the Matinee, in UE test it looks perfect. Exactly how i wanted it.
When i cook and upload, then log in my server for testing, I get no sky at all. Now, the weird thing is, i still get the sun tracking. If i set time to, say 6:30am, the trees will light up. So the directional light seems to be functional. The issue is, TrueSky is not displaying at all.

I dont know if i need to transfer assets to my own MOD directory, or, if there is a check box some place that i need to set. I have followed the “so you want to make a map” guide and even built the blueprint myself (no copy/paste). I am running out of ideas and places to check. Has anyone gotten TrueSky to work on a dedicated server? So far, the answer is “no” … or no answer at all.

RESOLVED: TrueSky doesnt support anything less then DX11. I was running in DX10 mode since like version 200 something … ugh, stupid. It’s working perfectly.