Sky map texture distorted when packaged for iOS

I have a sky map of space (stars) that looks great in the editor but when packaged on iOS appears distorted. The top and bottom of the shpere are stretches and shows texture seems and around the spheres equator so to speak the texture is compresed.
I’m using the the sky sphere static mesh from the engine content with my own material and texture.
Olso the sky map does not render at all (not visible) in the mobile preview of the editor 4.7p7 OSX

Anyone experienced this or and ideas? please help

Adding a comment as this question has not appeared on the answer hub

Still the same in 4.7.0. Anyone any ideas?

The compression artifacts are most likely because the PVR compression is set to fast (0) by default instead of high quality(4). You can change that as part of the Project render settings. That should make it better, but I’m not sure if that will fix the stretch at the top and bottom. Try that and let me know if those errors still exist. If so, we can try uncompressed and see if that works (that’s specified as part of the texture options for that particular texture). Not showing up in the preview is a bug and we’ll get that added.


hi pete, i have tried PVRTC set to 4 but that makes no difference, i usually have it set to 2. i also looked at the compression settings for the texture but there is no obvious way of not compressing the texture i tried changing the texture group from skybox to colorlookuptable as it suggests no compression then reimported. that didn’t work either.
i have attached 2 pics one PIE and one from an iPhone

alt text

sorted i was material was missing an ABSOLUTE WORLD POSITION node before the texture