Sky Magic - Submitted for approval in MarketPlace

Oh life out of a job … Stay at home with nothing to do will not do!

It was one year waiting for the guy TrueSky help me with support in order to create a simulator environments … then the license has expired and I ended up with nothing in hand … Okay …

So I made this version and I called SkyMagic … Whether you want can register presets and save the state of the layers …

  - Athmosphere
  - Horizont
  - Sky
  - Mirage
  - Fog
  - Layer
  - Sun
  - Stars

Soon I will be adding more layers now that I’m getting the hang of how it develops …

Wait for the people in Unreal release in MarketPlace … if it does happen then I make available on my virtual disk … No Problem…

SkyMagic in Action Here:

Here my project in development – Cosmic Illusion:

Here a little code in C ++, Blueprints, Widgets …

Sorry … My English… Google Translate … hehe